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Systems Integration

The System Integration

Integration of applications (Enterprise Application Integration, also known as EAI) is a process connecting various existing applications and systems into the one whole, so they can mutually cooperate. Properly selected system integration is a basic condition for the right operation of the company when there is an information system with various applications. Thus, there is no necessity of manual data input.

What is the benefit of the appropriate system integration?

  • Automation of business processes and increase in work efficiency

  • Improvement of communication between the applications and decrease or even total elimination of manual inputs.

  • Reduction of operational and maintenance costs

  • Reduction of costs necessary for the modification of existing systems and applications or creation of new ones

  • Possibility to constantly develop individual applications independently of the others;

  • High–quality and accessible data which are always fresh and consistent

  • Growth support for the core business of the company

The latest trends

The IT architecture of large corporations often uses many applications based on various mutually connected platforms. Not surprisingly, several systems often store the same data or the data are not used effectively. The more isolated individual applications are, the higher is a necessity of managerial activity and control over the company processes. We expect that medium and large companies will invest in the integration of applications (EAI solutions) in next couple years at least 1/3 more funds than in previous years. Return of the investment will be guaranteed by increased productivity of work teams and more effective using of information.

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